Ambitious teams

The program is meant for ambitious teams with international focus. The requirements for the team are following:

  • you are an ambitious and motivated team
  • you have a promising idea for a new product or a service
  • your idea is scalable and internationally focused
  • you have a will to turn your idea into profitable business
  • you need help with validating your idea and developing your business model
  • you are ready to commit to the program schedule

The language of the program is English.

How big the team should be?

There is no limit for team sizes, but it is recommended that a team consists of two to five members. The most important thing is that everyone in the team has a valuable role.

What if I already have a business?

The program is meant for new businesses. If you are running a business, but want to develop new services or products, or expand to new markets, the program is also for you.

Apply now

Application deadline is September 26th, but teams are being selected already. A limited number of teams can be selected, so apply now!

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