Ahjo accelerator 2015 teams introduced!

Ahjo accelerator 2015 is nearing it’s end. 2nd of December (Today!) is the last day of the program, and the teams are going to pitch their ideas and development in 2 minutes.

Therefore, we have 7 amazing team pitching today. These people have worked really hard and created impressive things. This blog post will a quick recap of the teams, and what they have been up to.


Here we go!




Design2B is internationally operating designer consulting service for professional freelance designers and companies to meet. Their mission is to enhance co-operation with designers and companies. Design2B´s aim is to provide a service for creative ideas and business know-how to come together. To enable development of better products, create jobs for educated designers in a more flexible way in a highly dynamic job-market


Mikkeli alet/ Best in town/Trident


Mikkeli alet has a new name, which is Best in town. Best in town is a website providing information of discounted products in Mikkeli area. It offers local discounts, which are easily available on mobile. The website helps customers to find discounts to shops in Mikkeli.




Kurki´s idea is to create mobile application with a real time chat. In the chat you can talk anonymous about the program you are watching at the moment. Team Kurki thinks that often TV-programs raises different opinions, especially because nowadays tv-programs are very entertainable, even provocative. So theyl have a solution for need to share your thoughts while watching TV.




Shekamou is a website linking cookers and eaters together. Shekamou name comes from a persian word for a person who likes to eat. Shekamou helps people to find homemade food near your location at reasonable price. The idea is that cookers can sell their cookings to other people and turn food waste into income. Shekamou has a cative facebook group, testing their idea.




Kiidä is a ride sharing mobile application, which makes it easy to share rides and also search for the rides. Kiidä will bring the intercity ride sharing in Finland to this century. Kiidä has created Facebook page and websites. Soon they will launch the mobile application, and present it also at the demoday!


Sweet Green


Sweet Green is aiming to create a bakery, selling all kinds of cakes, muffins and cupcakes. The main products are organic products with green services. The green services include recycling materials which customers gives to company and in return Sweet Green gives discount for Sweet Green´s products along with bags and holdings made from their materials.




Emit is providing an easy way for students to plan their daily schedules, focusing on mobile apps. Their idea is application for universities schedule. In the app you can create your own schedule and use it even without internet connection. Emit has created mobile application for Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, which is available for Android and IOS.


Most of the teams can be found from social media, and you can talk to them during demoday yourself! Don’t forget to ask tough questions!


All of the teams and their members have improved their ideas and skills with help of coaches. Head coaches are Petri Vilen and Eetu Kirsi. In addition to head coaches teams have gotten help from the visitor coaches: Jussi Kämäräinen, Milla Halme, Tuomas Otala, Mike Bradshaw, Karl Ots, Toni Perämäki and Antti Pajatsalo. Thank you to all the coaches!


See you in the evening :D

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