MIICS 2010

Future and large scale processes-plasma processes

High power impulse magnetron sputtering – the sputtering technique for tomorrow?
Prof. Ulf Helmersson, Linköping University, Sweden

Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition - From laboratory to large scale production
Prof. Ludvik Martinu, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

High power pulse magnetron sputtering
Dr. Glen West, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

High rate crystalline Si film deposition by control of high frequency plasma
Prof. J. G. Han, SunkKyungKwan University, South Korea

Solar energy and environmental applications

GROOVE: Growth from Renewables
Dr. Tuula Savola, TEKES, Finland

State of the art of amorphous Si thin film solar cells
Prof. Pedro Alpuim, University of Minho, Portugal

Coatings for solar thermal collectors
Prof. Martin Andritschky, University of Minho, Portugal

Solar thermal collector production
Vesa Sorasahi, Savo-Solar Oy

Innovative TCO coatings
Prof. Luis Rebouta, University of Minho, Portugal

Enhancing polymers using coatings

Hard transparent coatings on polymers by PECVD
Aki Matilainen, Savcor Oy, Finland

Understanding the role of surfaces and interface for enhanced performance of coatings on plastics
Dr. Jolanta Klemberg-Sapieha, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada

Process development and analysis

Problem-solving and control using material analysis
Dr. Bengt-Johan Skrifvars, Top Analytica Ltd. Finland

Nanomaterials and nanostructured coatings and their applications

Plasma polymerisation for biomaterial applications
Dr. Renate Förch, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany

The Impact of Nano Structure on Titania and DLC Layers
Dr Eva Moser, University of Applied Sciences of Geneva, Switzerland

Carbon nanotube networks
Prof. Esko Kauppinen, Aalto University, Finland

Characterization of Low Loss Optical Materials and Optical coatings
Ric Shimshock, MLD Technologies, California, USA

Functional thin coatings
Prof. Jari Koskinen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Decorative coatings : history, application requirements, nanocomposite innovations
Prof. Erich Bergmann, University of Applied Science of Western Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland

Future and large scale processes - atomic layer deposition

Industrial applications of ALD
Prof. Markku Leskelä, Helsinki University, Finland

Towards a roll-to roll ALD process
Prof. David Cameron, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland

Latest developments in large scale ALD coating
Jarmo Maula, Beneq Oy, Finland

Global needs – solutions from nanotechnology

Current research in STFC
Prof. Colin Whitehouse, Science and technology Facilities Council, UK

Responsible nanotechnology for sustainable development
Dr. Esko Peltonen, Nanotechnology Cluster Programme, Finland

Wear and Friction

Large Scale Production of coatings for wear protection in decorative and aerospace application
Dr. Roel Tietema, Hauzer Techno Coating BV, Venlo, The Netherlands

Wear modelling of coated surfaces
Dr. Helena Ronkainen, VTT, Espoo Finland