Travel & Hotels

These are the recommended places of accommodation in the Mikkeli city area
during the winter time:

Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

Location - in the immediate city center (0,3 km from the market square)

These offer prices are valid during March 13th to March 16th and run as follows:

92 € per night (VAT included) for a single room
112 € per night (VAT included) for a double room

The prices include breakfast and the opportunity to use the common sauna department. The hotel requires reservation confirmation before March 5th 2012.

Please use code BMII120313 as the reservation number for the offered prices.

Other services

Hotel’s restaurants Fransmanni and Bar’n Night Vaakuna will serve you with pleasure. The hotel guests also get free entry to the Night Vaakuna (note: unless there is a live performance).

The hotel has two warm parking halls and two decked areas for parking, and they come with a fee. The parking fee is to be paid when arriving to the parking area.

Hotel Cumulus

Location - in the immediate city center (0,5 km from the market square)

MIICS does not have a pre-reservation in Hotel Cumulus. The room price estimations are:
116 - 146 € per night (VAT included) for a single room
136 - 171 € per night (VAT included) for a double room

The prices include breakfast and parking.

Other services

Hotel restaurant Huviretki is a cozy place for dining and socializing, and the Irish Bar Parnell’s offers a welcoming atmosphere with a great selection.

The free parking is above the adjacent shopping center Akseli. The parking pass is given at the reception.

Hotelli Uusikuu Budget Hotel

Location - outskirts of the central area (1,5 km from the market square)

MIICS doesn’t have a pre-reservation in Hotelli Uusikuu, but it still is an affordable a choice as it has very inexpensive room rates. The prices start from 59 € (VAT included) and it is suggestible to visit the Hotel Uusikuu’s booking system for more specific details on pricing.

The room price includes Internet access and parking.

All the rooms are equipped with refrigerator, a microwave oven and a water kettle.

Travel info

Please be aware that there are no direct flights available between Mikkeli and Helsinki.

A shuttle service by MIICS operates between the campus area and the hotels.
The schedules will be added later on.

From Helsinki to Mikkeli (arrival)
Recommended connection from Helsinki, Tikkurila train station:
Tikkurila train station is about 5 km from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

13th of March (Tuesday), 2012
Departure - 3.28 pm
Arrival - 5.41 pm

From Mikkeli to Helsinki (departure)
Recommended connection from Mikkeli train station:

16th of March (Friday), 2012
Departure - 5.46 pm
Arrival - 8.32 pm
Arrives at the Tikkurila train station.
(Bus schedules not yet available.)

Train online service - VR

Train schedules Helsinki-Mikkeli

Train schedules Mikkeli-Helsinki