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2Do event’s Ahjo-journey

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Our journey with Ahjo starts with a private invitation from our lovely president of MikkeliES: “Hi, does 2Do event want to join Ahjo?” The invitation sounds appealing enough for us to say yes.

However, things started to fall apart in the first 2 weeks of Ahjo. Like in the movies. Our team was too busy with organizing Light Up Mikkeli and totally missed some of the gathering of Ahjo. Moreover, personally, as a representative of 2Do event joining this program, the first 2 weeks for me was like in university. You have homework and assignments to do every week. I felt a little bit of bored and unmotivated to continue Ahjo.

Then, what happens will happen. We received an email from Olli, one of organizers of Ahjo, saying: “2Do event, you are about to kicked out of Ahjo program since you missed too many gatherings.” It was an alarm to us. I immediately called a board meeting and discussed should we continue with Ahjo or not. We decided to join the last session on Monday and decide later.

That Monday morning at 8.15am sharp, in a small room of an old building near train station, all the teams were there for the morning session of the head coach. That surprised me the most. When I observed all the teams, every member was so excited, concentrated and super motivated to make their business idea come true, I was inspired a lot. Since then, 2Do event has not missed any of the session for the rest of Ahjo and we have no regrets coming back to this accelerator program.

Why? Simply because we have learnt so many valuable lessons from our head coach, from successful CEOs and especially from our colleagues. This opportunity may come to us again any time in our journey but the impact will not be as strong as Ahjo because of timing. 2Do event are in the early stage of development and we need this accelerator program to boost the process.

For all the organizer of Ahjo and MikkeliEs, I want to say a big thank you for organizing this successful event. In an eye of event planner, Ahjo is a successful event and congratulation for that.

Our journey won’t stop here despite Ahjo has been stopped. 2Do event ry is trying our best in organizing more and more fun events.

“So you have something to do in Mikkeli”– 2Do event ry


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