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DemoDay, kuvat Lumiasta (20)

Cook Ok is the perfect place to share recipes with people who have a passion for food and cooking.Our team consists of creative, experienced professionals in IT development and old friends, Ivan and Vitaly. Our story began a few years ago, when the key member Vitaly made a personal recipe website for his wife and attracted a surprising amount of attention. The number of unique users achieved about 2k every day. We recognised a striking opportunity to simplify the cooking process and make recipes more visual.

Cook Ok service will help you during the cooking process remarkably by leading you through cooking steps. Each step contains a photo and only essential information on what you should do. Our team works hard to bring you a simpler and more intuitive way of showcasing you a recipe. No annoying ads or ridiculous amounts of text, only necessary information about every single step of your cooking process.

Our team participated in Ahjo Acceleration program, during which a lot of feedback was gathered on the service, its features and appropriate business models.

The major objective of Cook Ok is to reach cooks, chefs and passionate food-lovers to share their enticing masterpieces on our service with others.

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