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Miktech is an innovation and technology center in Mikkeli, eastern Finland. Miktech provides various business development services for technology companies and coordinates diverse projects mainly in its four focus areas of knowledge. These focus areas are technology and wood product industry, digitization, bioenergy and environmental safety. Miktech’s role is to develop the business of the companies in these fields and fulfill the development targets set for the focus areas. Miktech operates mainly in eastern Finland, but some of the projects function also in national or international levels.



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Digitalmikkeli is a network of companies and public organizations operating in the fields of archiving, digitization, digital archiving and online services in Mikkeli region. The network leverages the existing knowledge that has accumulated in the region in order to be the center of expertise in their field.

Contact person: Mari Kivinen, + 358 440 361 626,  firstname.lastname@miktech.fi


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Bioenergy project aims to create functional cooperation network between the operators in the bioenergy field. In Mikkeli region the project concentrates on forest bioenergy, which in practice means all the biomass based energy. One of the main targets of the project is to build up a bio logistics center to Ristiina. When ready, the center will refine and distribute biofuel.

Contact person: Jussi Heinimö, +358 40 544 0936, firstname.lastname@miktech.fi


Environmental safety

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The development project of environmental safety aims to enhance the environmental safety by strengthening the function of the cluster companies, research institutions and public organizations. National CBRN Finland (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) cluster aims to internationalization and cooperation development of the participating companies. The emphasis of the project is in enhancing the R&D and improving the cooperation, as well as development of new solutions and patterns.

Contact person: Toni Leikas, + 358 440 361 628, firstname.lastname@miktech.fi

Technology and wood product industries

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There is long tradition of technology, metal and wood product industries in Mikkeli region. Since these companies are mainly SME’s, Miktech provides business development services for advancement, growth and preparation for the changes in industry and economy.

Contact person:

Technology: Kimmo Haapea, +358 440 361 613, firstname.lastname@miktech.fi

Nanotechnology: Juha Kauppinen, +358 440 361 616, firstname.lastname@miktech.fi

Mechanical wood industry and wood construction: Aki Hakala, +358 440 361 624, firstname.lastname@miktech.fi

Internationalization and Inward -activities

We give our support to innovative technology companies in the internationalization process of their business. Our Inward –activities help foreign companies, mainly coming from Russia, to integrate their business in Finland and South-Savo region and to access EU and global markets. Internationalization of Finnish companies in South-Savo region is one of the key issues for growth of these companies. Our mission is to provide help for the first steps of this process.

Contact person:

Ville Paasonen, Technology Representative, +358 440 361 610 (Finland) or +7 921 932 3371 (Russia) firstname.lastname@miktech.fi


Are you willing to do your thesis in Miktech? We are interested in theses related to our four main focus areas, also in English. Please contact the contact persons for further information.

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